Networking events provide an excellent opportunity for attendees to connect with their peers and network in a personal and lively atmosphere.

Please note that the information below is based on the FENS Forum 2024 preliminary program. Dates, timing, and locations of the events might change in the future.

Organisers can find the event guidelines here

NE 01: Challenges of multidisciplinarity for training, career and funding in Neuroscience

NE 02: European Brain Prosthesis: landscape and challenges

NE 03: Bridging Borders and Building Bridges: A global network for neuroscience research and education

NE 04: Current challenges and opportunities of using AI in sleep medicine and neuroscience: a networking event for sleep researchers and clinicians

NE 05: The Behavior Forum Social

NE 06: HISTORY OF NEUROSCIENCE: Freud in situ: from his time to the current relationship with Neuroscience

NE 07: The 10-Year anniversary of the FENS-Kavli Network (FKNE): a decade of changing neuroscience

NE 08: Collaboration Call – Infrastructure and community for preclinical systematic reviews in neuroscience

NE 09: Meet EBRAINS Research Infrastructure: the digital state-of-the-art ecosystem for neuroscience

NE 10: Wellcome/FENS Forum: Bridging the gap – a mental health networking event

NE 11: Enhancing Global Partnerships in Brain Research

NE 12: How to organize and respond to pressure to phase out animal experimentation in neuroscience

NE 13: Science in a Space Environment: Neuroscience for human Space Exploration

NE 14: Funny Brains – Science Communication via Comedy

NE 15: Annual General Meeting of the German Neuroscience Society

NE 16: General Assembly of the Austrian Neuroscience Association

NE 17: Sociedade Portuguesa de Neurociências (SPN) General Assembly 2024

NE 18: UK Glia Network Social

NE 19: ALBA-WWN-IBRO ECC Workshop on overcoming impostor phenomenon  and ALBA social