FENS Forum 2024 Networking Events are evening events that provide an excellent opportunity for attendees to connect with their peers and network with institutions of interest in a personal and lively atmosphere. They can occur within the congress centre or outside of the congress centre. 

Organisations, societies, associations, institutions, consortia, and other interested groups are invited to organise their Networking Events during the FENS Forum. Companies or industry interested in contributing to the Forum programme, please refer to the FENS sponsorship prospectus. 

The structure and programme of the Networking Events are created by the organiser and can include panel discussions, presentations, calls for collaborations or other session formats. The networking event may also include a reception (the extra cost will be covered by the organiser). 

Call for Networking Events Proposals

The call for Networking Events is now closed

Contact us for any queries at: fensforum_scientific@kit-group.org 

The content of these events should not conflict with the core scientific programme of the Forum and can take place only after the last Plenary Lecture of the day. 

Please note: If the Networking Event is organised at the congress centre, it starts at 18:45 and ends at 20:15 at the latest. If it is organised outside of the congress centre, the event starts at 18:45 and ends at your designated time. Exceptionally, starting time on the 25 June is 19:00, to avoid conflicts with the Opening Plenary.

Networking Events should be proposed on behalf of organisations / institutions / groups (not individuals). 

Waived registration to the FENS Forum 2024 will be provided for up to 3 speakers of accepted Networking Events. 

Submitted proposals are subject to the approval of the chair of the FENS Programme Committee. 

Proposals should be submitted via the online submission form with the following information: 

  1. Name of the organisation or institute (if a FENS Committee, specify the name of the Committee). Networking events are not open to companies or industry.
  2. Details of contact person (name, email, institutional address and phone) 
  3. Title of the Networking Event for the announcement 
  4. Location 
  5. Brief description and purpose (topics, purpose, format, timing) 
  6. Speaker information (name, role, affiliation, country, title of presentation) 
  7. Organisational details  

The evaluation and approval of the proposed Networking Event by the Programme Committee chair will be based on the information provided in the application file. 

For Networking Events organised at the Messe Wien Exhibition & Congress Center, the information on expected group size must be provided in the application file. Please note that the room will be set in theatre style. We are unable to change this set up. The room has basic AV – projector, screen and microphone.  

Internet connection, additional AV equipment and/or catering services at the Congress Centre are under the responsibility of the organiser, both organisationally and financially. 

Please note that organisation of Networking Events outside of the congress center cannot be administred by FENS and is under the full responsibility of its organisers. 

  • Feefor events taking place in the venue – EUR 800  
  • Feefor events taking place outside the venue – EUR 250  
  • Networking Events are subject to the approval of the FENS Programme Committee chair and will only be announced in the FENS Forum 2024  programme when all conditions have been met. 
  • Networking Events should be proposed on behalf of organisations/institutions/groups (not individuals). Networking events are not open to companies or industry.
  • The topics of Networking Events should not compete with the scientific programme of the Forum.
  • The language of all Networking Events must be english.
  • Networking Events must be held from 18:45, except on the first day, 25 June 2024, when they may start at 19:00. When organised at the Congress Centre, Networking Events can be held until 20:15 at the latest. 
  • The Networking Events organised outside of the Congress Centre are under the full responsibility of the organiser. They may end at the time the organisers designate.  
  • Networking Events are open for all FENS Forum 2024 registered participants, and, if held at the Congress Centre, they are closed to non-registered participants.
  • Networking Events can have a limited capacity, determined by the organiser. Additional registration and control of attendance is under the responsibility of the organiser.
  • Organisers should limit the number of FENS committee members participation to a maximum of 2 people and, ideally, have them involved as introducers or moderators rather than speakers.

Events and networking organisers can find all the necessary information regarding resources and contact details here.

FENS 2024 Networking & Satellite Events: Amplify Your Impact