• Only onsite presentation is permitted (no remote speakers)
  • Adhere to the technical requirements listed below for a seamless presentation
  • You will be able to upload your presentation on our dedicated server up to 48 hours before your session. You will receive a personalised email from with instruction on how to access the upload platform
  • Please go to the Speaker Lounge (located on the groundfloor of the Messe Wien) up to 3 hours before your session to check in and upload or review your presentation
  • Arrive at your session room to meet with the other event participants 20 minutes before the scheduled start time

Please find below some important and useful information for your presentation.

Presentation Format

Your presentation must be prepared in MS PowerPoint, Mac-specific presentations (i.e. KeyNote) cannot be accommodated. Please save your PowerPoint presentation using .pptx-format.

Images or Video Files

  •  Graphics

JPG is the preferred file format for inserted images. PNG, GIF, TIF or BMP formats will be accepted as well. Resolution should be 72dpi to 200 dpi.

  •  Movies, videos

Movies and video files must be coded by standard Windows codes embedded in the presentation. MP4 is the preferred format for inserted videos, however AVI, WMV, MPG, or MOV are also accepted.

Format, Font, & Style

We recommend you use the official FENS Slides template for your presentation.

Please always make sure to format your presentation as below:

  • Slide size: widescreen 16:9
  • Format: landscape
  • Minimum font size: 24

Special fonts not included in MS-Windows 10 (English version) can cause the wrong formatting of your presentation.

Use high-contrast lettering and colors, and not too much text per slide (max. 10 lines or 15-20 words).

Red letters or lines are usually not visible.

File name

Do not use special characters or space in the file name of your presentation (i.e., “, Ö, Ø, ñ, ®, ý, }, {,etc.).

The recommended file name format is: Day_Room_Time_Lastname (Ex: 25_HallE_11:00_Brown).

The following recommendations have been designed to ensure maximum accessibility for individuals with visual or other sensory impairments.


Around 10% of the people have dyslexia, a neurological disability that impairs a person’s ability to read and write. There is evidence that the presentation of the text has a significant effect on a text’s accessibility for people with dyslexia. In general, sans serif fonts are preferable.

The Calibri and Myriad Pro fonts are both listed as dyslexia-friendly and therefore recommended by FENS.


Around 8% of men and 0.5% of women have colour vision deficiency (CVD). This is more commonly referred to as colour blindness. When choosing colours for your presentation, those with CVD should be kept in mind.

Many resources exist to facilitate colour design for those with CVD (e.g., but in general the following colour combinations should be avoided:

  • Green & Red
  • Green & Brown
  • Blue & Purple
  • Green & Blue
  • Light Green & Yellow
  • Blue & Grey
  • Green & Grey
  • Green & Black

Please declare CONFLICTS OF INTEREST on the second slide of your presentation. You can find a template by clicking here.

Make sure to stay within the time limit for your presentation. Consult the conference programme for further details:

  • Award Ceremonies: 15-minute presentation
  • Mini Conferences: Please confirm the duration of your presentation with the event organiser.
  • Plenary Lectures: 60-minute presentation
  • Scientific Symposia: 18-minute presentation followed by a 4-minute Q&A
  • Special Lectures: 45 to 60 minutes sessions. Some lectures have more than one speaker, please consult the online programme for the duration of your presentation.
  • Technical Workshops: Presentation followed by a Q&A. Please confirm the duration of your presentation with the workshop organiser.

In the Speaker Lounge, located on the ground floor of the Messe Wien, you will be able to:

  • Upload and review your MS PowerPoint presentation
  • Make last-minute changes to your MS PowerPoint presentation
  • Receive expert advice from technical staff onsite
  • Familiarise yourself with the demo lectern

A dedicated signage will lead you to the Speaker Lounge


The Speaker Lounge will be open at the following times:

  • Tuesday, 25 June: 8:30 – 19:30
  • Wednesday, 26 June: 07:30 – 19:30
  • Thursday, 27 June: 08:00 – 19:30
  • Friday, 28 June: 08:00 – 19:30
  • Saturday, 29 June: 08:00 – 13:00


Please check in at the Speaker Lounge at least 3 hours before your session starts, even if you have uploaded your presentation in advance!

The organisers cannot guarantee that presentations handed in less than three hours prior to the sessions will be projected. For a morning presentation, please go to the Speaker Lounge the day before your session, at least 1 hour before it closes.

What resources do you have in your session room?

  • A dedicated host/hostess to assist you.
  • A lectern equipped with a computer, an embedded pointer, and microphones
  • Display stage monitors (comfort screens)
  • A stage with chairman tables and chairs
  • Participants will be able to ask questions using the Q&A function in the app. The moderators will monitor the questions

If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us at