The official exhibition company STANDout is working consistently on environment protection with its products and consulting concepts. It is distinguished with the Austrian Ecolabel.

All shell schemes provided for FENS Forum 2024 are reusable (aluminium system), with energy-saving lighting systems (LED lamps) and carpets that are reusable and recyclable.

All exhibitors and sponsors have been communicated the following indications:

  • Reduce the volume of the material to be transported and to be stored as far as possible.
  • Avoid mass distribution of flyers or other printed matter, hand-out printed matter only upon request, or give preference to electronic information transfer (e.g. QR codes, indication of links for download, etc.).
  • Use 100% recycling paper or at least paper bleached completely without the use of chlorine (TFC) for the required printed matter, or commission a certified printing company with the printing job according to the guidelines of the Austrian Ecolabel.
  • Reuse the remaining brochures at other events.
  • Do not offer non-sustainable . If this is not possible, use durable and/or reusable products made of environmentally sound materials (domestic wood, natural fibres) without synthetic individual packaging, without batteries, from fair trade, or with certified quality seals.
  • Dispose of your waste in the waste separation systems offered on the spot, according to the requirements of the event management.
  • Use cloth and paper bags instead of plastic bags.
  • Select accommodations for your staff members which are as close as possible to the venue.
  • Use public means of transport, organise car pools, bike or walk.