Environmental awareness, sustainability and the highest quality standards have made Gerstner Catering one of the first companies to have been awarded the Austrian Ecolabel.

  • Water fountains will be available in the venue. Please bring your reusable mug or bottle of water to refill it. You can purchase a bottle when registering for the Forum or directly at the venue.
  • Reusable cups will be available in all the catering outlets.
  • No red meat is served, with the bulk of the meat on offer being white meat with a far lower carbon footprint than beef
  • 70% of the food is sourced locally, within a 160km radius or less, saving heartily on the event’s scopes 2 and 3 carbon emissions as suppliers travel shorter distances and refrigerate the food for less time than they would have if they were further afield
  • Vegetarian and vegan options are served on a daily basis
  • 90% of single-use plastic like polystyrene and PVC is eliminated, dramatically reducing pressure on landfills and the event’s overall emissions
  • Fair trade coffee
  • Bio tea and bio juices