Special Interest Events (SIEs) aim to promote and discuss particular activities or topics of general interest to the neuroscience community. They are not entirely focused on research itself, but rather on issues such as sustainable research practices, funding opportunities, advocacy, science communication, early career interests, diversity, equity, inclusion and more.

Please note that the information below is based on the FENS Forum 2024 preliminary program. Dates, timing, and locations of the events might change in the future.

SiE 02: ALBA-IBRO EDI Allyship Training Workshop

SiE 03: Art of the mind: using neuroscience data to create immersive worlds

SiE 04: How and why should I publish in European Journal of Neuroscience?

SiE 05: Developing Professional and Personal Networks as an Essential Tool to Successful Science Careers

SiE 06: Advocacy for responsible use of animals in neuroscience as long as needed

SiE 07: Application of AI and VR to mental illness

SiE 08: Beyond academia: a multiverse of career paths for neuroscientists

SiE 09: Science Sustainability Across Borders

SiE 10: Exploring Open Tools for Cell Type Taxonomies with the Allen Institute

SiE 11: Funny Brains – Science Communication via Comedy

SiE 12: Neuroscience Capacity Building: The Value of Involving Lived Experience

SiE 13: Shining, not Burning: The Mental Health Challenges of Modern Academia