Mini Conferences are small, topically focused conferences organised entirely by invited member societies and partner organisations on the occasion of the FENS Forum 2024. The Mini Conferences will be held on Tuesday 25 June 2024 between 10:00 -14:00 CEST. 

Attendance to the Mini Conferences is accessible to non-participants of the Forum via a separate registration.

Prioritising Brain Health in Youth: Bringing Neuroscience to Society and Informing Policy

Organiser: European Brain Council

Description: Neural pathways are involved in the development of cognitive functions, emotional regulation, and social behaviors. Understanding neural circuits is critical for gaining insights into the etiology of neurological conditions and mental disorders. Good brain health plays a significant role in an individual’s well-being and profoundly impacts the collective economy and society. Neuroscience and brain development are key to address current challenges faced by children and adolescents. Ongoing progress in neurobiology and cognitive neuroscience allow the design of better prevention and intervention strategies to help avoid brain deficits. Boosting brain health for youth can be driven by innovative policies and investments, especially as it goes beyond medicalisation by bringing a truly disciplinary approach to understanding the links between health, research, and education. More recently there has been a resurgence in mental health policy’s prominence. The question is if the effort will also encompass what needs to be done in the area of brain health. The European Brain Council and the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies will convene a meeting on 25 June at the upcoming FENS Forum 2024 in Vienna to address these challenges. The event will explore what the opportunities are of incorporating a transdiagnostic and biopsychosocial-informed perspective.

Learn more about this Mini Conference here.

Understanding the Neuronal Mechanisms Driving Behaviour: from Molecular and Cellular Processes to Complex System Interactions

Organisers: European Brain and Behaviour Society (EBBS) and European Behavioural Pharmacology Society (EBPS) 

Description: The overarching theme of the 2024 EBBS/EBPS mini-conference will be Understanding Neuronal Mechanisms Driving Behaviour. Under this theme, speakers will present research focused on elucidating the intricate neural processes that underlie behaviour, spanning from the molecular and cellular levels to broader systems interactions. Cutting-edge behavioural and neuroscience techniques that provide deeper insights into the emergence of complex behaviours will be highlighted. Each session will end with a Q&A.