By choosing to offset your trip to Vienna when registering to the FENS Forum 2024, you will support the following projects:

Clean wind energy in Chile

The municipality of Ovalle is located about three hundred kilometres north of the capital Santiago de Chile, in the Chilean region of Coquimbo. Here, two wind farms called “El Pacifico” and “La Cebada” with a total of 57 wind turbines and an installed capacity of 109.6 MW supply electricity from renewable energy sources. The wind turbines began operating in July 2014 and now generate an average of 290 GWh of clean electricity per year, which is fed into the central electricity grid.


  • By replacing the use of fossil fuels, these farms help save almost 200000 tonnes of CO2 each year.
  • By expanding the renewable energy, the wind farms contribute to the energy transition in Chile.
  • By creating long-term jobs, these installations foster sustainable development in the region. Moreover, the area can also be used for additional activities, such as agriculture.

Link to the project page here.

Climate project and tree planting

This project works in combination with other initiatives to promote tree planting in Austria. For every tonne of CO2 saved thanks to a linked climate project, such as the above-mentioned “Clean wind energy in Chile”, one tree is planted in Austria. This way, we promote the conversion of structurally poor forests and monocultures into more resilient mixed woodlands that can better adapt to changing climate conditions.

Link to the project page here.